Mississippi Mudds

When you pull up a chair on the Mississippi Mudds rooftop dining area, you can't help but smile. For nearly 25 years, the family restaurant has been a summer destination for people who are hungry for all the local favorites: Sahlen's hot dogs, Mighty Mudd Burgers, Italian sausage, Western New York's best grilled chicken sandwiches, and of course, our famous Louisiana Sweet Fries, hand-cut sweet potato fries drizzled with warm honey and butter.

We're Open!

Monday Opens at 11 AM
Tuesday Opens at 11 AM
Wednesday Opens at 11 AM
Thursday Opens at 11 AM
Friday Opens at 11 AM
Saturday Opens at 11 AM
Sunday Opens at 11 AM
@MississippiMudd Even Iron Monger enjoys a sunny day at Mississippi Mudds! #sun #ironmonger http://t.co/oDr7P6r1tP posted 14 hours ago